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The Heartfires site is not actively publishing storylines. After 10 long years, we are slowly trying to resume the living stories as life and careers allow. Enjoy the vast trove of existing storylines with open access to years worth of interwoven plotlines. We have updated the character chapters to add in the very last segments published in 2006 when we stopped active writing to chase silly things like careers.

Heartfires Tales are a unique type of interactive serial fantasy stories set in the flying city of Minot, where magic burns in the heart hidden under the iron fist of Darkness. Catch the magic, share the adventure!

We started Heartfires in 1998 as an alternative to the main stream publishing industry. To our surprise, we gave birth to a new way of creating living stories. By 2001 we had 8 full-time storylines with over 1/2 million words! Then the real world reared its ugly head. We had to suspend our beloved storylines for a time. The site and storylines are now free to everyone. We continue to send out story segments as time allows. Heartfires are first and foremost a labor of love.

So join for free and receive our unique style of 'living stories' via email as they happen. If you are not an email junky, you can download the cumulative chapters for easy reading. Get immediate access to the entire site including archives of past chapters, recent moves, maps, character descriptions, original art and much more.

Membership? How do you pay for this? We don't. Now that we all have real jobs, this early attempt is now FREE. We respect your privacy, won't sell your email address and have an absolute N0-SPAM policy. You do not have to register your email address to join, only to receive storyline segments.

So how are the storylines written? Heartfires is a collaborative effort. A single contributor guides each central character's decisions and the central author interprets the results in the next story segment. The adventure moves in time with you, evolving in front of your eyes. Nothing is predetermined and our characters have no secret knowledge or assurance that they will win in the end. Just read the closed storylines to see that characters can and will die when their choices and the fates conspire against them.

Is this a gaming site? Heartfires is not an online role-playing site. We do not run play by mail, even if that is how we got our start. We are a serial fiction site. However most of the team started as role-players and the art is dear to our hearts. So, please come in and explore our world. May your games be as full of Light, Love and Laughter as humanly or even non-humanly possible.

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Our content is constantly changing, so please bookmark us and check out the new maps, short stories and more.